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LED 120 volt & 347 volt Lighting Solutions


Led Energy Inc ( LEI), is the Canadian company for LED 120 volt & 347 volt Llighting Solutions.

Our Illumination Engineers can work with you to provide tailored LED lighting solutions to meet any requirements. Be it a LED HID, Canopy Light, Wall Pack, Tube, Bulb, MR16/GU5.3/GU10/E26 for a commercial application needing to meet strict building and safety code requirements we can help.

LEI has the broadest offering of 347 volt Led Lighting Solutions

Led Lighting Technology has been making rapid progress within the Lighting Industry. Extensive Testing and Studies show that Led technology offers many benefits to Commercial, Consumer, and Industrial sectors. Benefits such as, Energy Savings, Long Life, No environmental toxic components, Lower heat emissions and, Maintenance friendly. Existing conventional lighting solutions are incapable of delivering such performances as well as the benefits.


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