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Global Automotive LED Lighting Technology Trend and Market Forecast (2012~2020)

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    Global Information Inc. announces the addition of a new market research report “Global Automotive LED Lighting Technology Trend and Market Forecast (2012~2020)” at GIIResearch.com.

    As of 2013, the LED market is about to enter a new growth phase as the LED lighting market kicks into high gear. The LED industry has its first growth phase, as LEDs began to be used in cell phone keypads and LCD BLUE. After 2008, LED-backlight adoption in note PC, monitors and TVs brought the second growth of the market. As many companies are increasingly using LED lighting systems in place of existing lighting sources such as incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps with the growing trend toward green policies, the market is entering the 3rd growth phase in earnest.

    Considering that the IT sector (BLU of TVs, monitors and handsets) has been the biggest market driver of the LED market but reached 90% market penetration in the first half of this year, it will see a gradual decrease in its market share from next year. As the European Commission requires all new cars produced and sold from 2011 be fitted with DRLs, the automotive lighting market is rapidly growing from 2012. On the other hand, the LED lighting market is increasing its competitiveness with the help of phase-out of incandescent bulbs, government supports, and improvement of efficiency with technical progress, and economies of scale, and expected to drive the growth of the LED market in the future.