LED Energy Inc.



• Government rebates cover up to 20–
50% of the total retrofit capital cost.
The government agency will approve
the rebate amount prior to project
start date.

• LED lamps reduce annual energy use
by 75% vs. incandescent lamps and by
50% vs. fluorescent lamps.

• Your hydro electrical savings can pay
for the balance of your capital cost in
as little as six months, depending on
your energy usage.

• In addition to reducing your carbon
footprint with the energy savings
realized by using LED lights, they also
contain no toxic materials and are
100% recyclable.

• LED’s provide a better work
environment for your employees and
customers. Studies have shown that
decreased employee absenteeism can
be directly related to working in an
LED lit setting.

• LED lights are resistant to shock,
vibrations and external impacts, they
make great outdoor lighting systems
for rough conditions and exposure to
weather, traffic related public
exposure and construction or
manufacturing sites.

• LED lighting is highly suitable not only
for goods and materials that are
sensitive to heat due to the benefit of
little radiated heat emission, but also
for illumination of UV sensitive objects
or materials such as in museums, art
galleries, and archeological sites.


• LED light bulbs are long lasting (up to
20 years), which will save on
replacement costs and maintenance
labour, along with providing a safer
living environment for your clients.

• By installing LED lighting system you
will reduce your carbon footprint; your
company will be environmentally

• LED’s lamps and fixtures come with 5
or 10 year warranties, while most
traditional lighting comes with a
one year warranty, eliminating any
maintenance expenses for the life of
the product.

• LED technology combined with motion
and daylight harvesting controls will
maximize your savings and prolong
the life of the LED solutions.

• Many fixtures are now available with
integral 3-stage dimming sensors that
will ensure areas are well lit when
people are present, and dim down
when there is no one present.

• Smart controls guarantee that light
fixtures will never be left on, removing
the possibility of the lights being on
and wasting valuable money.